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Chief Physician of the State Institution "Vitebsk city 

    central clinical hospital"

Главный врач ГУЗ "ВГЦКБ" ПапковичOne of the conditions for recovery —

desire to recover.







Papkovich Leonid Viktorovich

        The remarkable truth expressed by the great scientist and placed us in the epigraph does not need any comment. But sometimes it happens that one desire to conquer infirmities is not enough. To support and strengthen the desire to recover, to add the kindness of one's heart and professional skills, the latest medical means and technologies - and any illness will recede. It is these principles and approaches that are the basis of all the multifaceted activities of the medical personnel of our hospital.

        Vitebsk City Central Clinical Hospital is engaged in the noble cause of restoring the health of adults for more than 50 years. To date, the hospital has a friendly, highly qualified team of medical specialists, middle and junior medical workers.

         The medical staff of the hospital produces about 6,000 surgeries a year, 25,000 x-ray and ultrasound examinations, and 450,000 laboratory tests.